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Website Security

Every time shoppers place an order, they’re trusting you to keep them safe from hackers who steal information or spread spyware and viruses. Deliver on that promise with Website Security. It not only finds malware but the security gaps hackers use to break in.


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Why Choose Web Security from Aarvi Web Solutions?

Website Security powered by Sucuri protects your web investment, keeping you and your customers safe from hackers and other online threats. Most site owners aren’t aware of all these different threats, but we are – and we protect your site against each one of them and more.

Built to protect

Powerful Protection Against Worst Threats.

Brute Force

This is where an application cycles through every possible password combination until it finds one that works. From there, hackers can access your system, steal sensitive data and doo pretty much whatever they want.

Zero Day

This is an attack that’s launched as soon as new vulnerability is discovered, before a patch is available. While these are impossible to predict, our WAF will virtually patch your site within moments of a Zero Day attach being disclosed..

Admin Control

About Our Website Security

Aarvi Web Solutions’ Website Security products offer a simple, cost-effective way to protect your assets (aka your data and the sensitive information of your visitors).. 

Protection for unlimited pages within a single website.

Blacklist monitoring and removal.

Trusted site seal.

Security analysts for advanced issues.

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